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 An eagle eye perspective on Golf and Life. To hunt for visions and to see far with exceptionally keen focus is to embrace the totem spirit of eagle medicine fully and to empower one's ability to take flight on inland, coastal and epic journeys. Fly higher with natural medicine, shoot lower scores and expand the scope of one's horizons. By getting in touch with the elements and totemic allies one can integrate proper swing fundamentals with higher consciousness to take their golf game to the next level. Every person has access to zone consciousness and it begins with building a more coherant and sustainable bridge between inner and outer realms, i.e; visualization, realization and actualization.

Winding down the year, reflecting on growth

by James Fish on 12/28/14

With the winter rains finally showing up in northern California the game of golf took a back seat and hung out for the show. This gave many of us a chance to reflect on the year's growth and identify areas of deficiency and progress. Being honest with ourselves is never easy especially if we don't like what we are seeing in the mirror. But if we are staying honest with ourselves we know what area of our game is lacking and where we need to focus our energies. Most of the time there are probably several areas of our game that need improvement and it all comes down to time and how much of it we are willing to commit to for practice and change.

Getting back to practicing on a more regular basis, at least once a week, can only help the cause. And of course working with a competent Instructor is also highly recommended if one is indeed serious about charting growth for their future. Life is ultimately a symbiotic universe and golf follows suit in that way as well. We can always learn from the immediate environment that surrounds us on a golf course at any given time. The challenges are both external and internal and being on a golf course is always a good place to practice one's ability to stay in the present moment.

And looking forward to a new year is never a bad thing. We have to paint a positive picture for ourselves because if we don't, who will? Keeping a strong routine in the realm of visualization is another first step in seeing that which we wish to become. If mediocrity is indeed the enemy of growth, than let us take no prisoners on that road to success. 

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