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Shaman on the Green
 An eagle eye perspective on Golf and Life. To hunt for visions and to see far with exceptionally keen focus is to embrace the totem spirit of eagle medicine fully and to empower one's ability to take flight on inland, coastal and epic journeys. Fly higher with natural medicine, shoot lower scores and expand the scope of one's horizons. By getting in touch with the elements and totemic allies one can integrate proper swing fundamentals with higher consciousness to take their golf game to the next level. Every person has access to zone consciousness and it begins with building a more coherant and sustainable bridge between inner and outer realms, i.e; visualization, realization and actualization.

Make the Wind an Ally

by James Fish on 06/18/13

This was a daunting shot as I was facing a 15 mile per hour wind from the ocean from 162 yards out. There was a steep and nasty ravine just left of the green so a miss to the left was black hole central. I set the ball back in my stance with a seven-iron, hooded the face about two or three degrees, took an abbreviated back swing and finished my follow-through with low hands to the target. The ball came off the club-face nicely with a low, penetrating draw that kept the ball from getting chewed up by the wind. You are looking at the result, a shot which wound up nine feet from the pin. Keeping the ball under the wind is always a good strategy when playing links golf.

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