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Shaman on the Green
 An eagle eye perspective on Golf and Life. To hunt for visions and to see far with exceptionally keen focus is to embrace the totem spirit of eagle medicine fully and to empower one's ability to take flight on inland, coastal and epic journeys. Fly higher with natural medicine, shoot lower scores and expand the scope of one's horizons. By getting in touch with the elements and totemic allies one can integrate proper swing fundamentals with higher consciousness to take their golf game to the next level. Every person has access to zone consciousness and it begins with building a more coherant and sustainable bridge between inner and outer realms, i.e; visualization, realization and actualization.

Follow Eagle Eye Golf Coaching in the Upbeat Times

by James Fish on 08/17/17

Once a month I am now the featured Golf pro writer in the local Sonoma county magazine The Upbeat Times. It is a great opportunity for me to continue sharing my philosophies and insights into the many different aspects of this great game of golf that we love to play. It also provides an excellent forum for me to focus on the teacher-student relationship and how that dynamic can help to inform the diverse community which I serve here in the Bay area and beyond. So keep your eyes on the prize and your ears to the ground because you never know what kind of magic and great fortune that might just be found.

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Learning to connect the inner and outer game is how we achieve balance, precision and mastery of our craft. Finding allies and integrating their wisdom into our understanding of the proper fundamentals of the swing is how we create excellence in our golfing journey.