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 An eagle eye perspective on Golf and Life. To hunt for visions and to see far with exceptionally keen focus is to embrace the totem spirit of eagle medicine fully and to empower one's ability to take flight on inland, coastal and epic journeys. Fly higher with natural medicine, shoot lower scores and expand the scope of one's horizons. By getting in touch with the elements and totemic allies one can integrate proper swing fundamentals with higher consciousness to take their golf game to the next level. Every person has access to zone consciousness and it begins with building a more coherant and sustainable bridge between inner and outer realms, i.e; visualization, realization and actualization.

Body wisdom & creating balance

by James Fish on 09/05/13

As we age we are confronted by a whole host of challenges as far as our body is concerned. Proper body maintenance involves proper sleep, diet and exercise. Stretching for about 10 to 20 minutes prior to every round of golf is imperative if we wish to see better results on the course. I like to use specific Yoga and Tai Chi stretches/exercises which help to activate both lower and upper body centers. This grounding process helps to slow me down enough to feel a distinct spirit of relaxation throughout my entire body. By working with my breath I also get to feel a fluid rhythm which helps me to not get too jumpy or agitated. This breathing or mindful meditation infiltrates the cells of my body and gives me a better chance to establish an awareness of balance in both my physical and emotional bodies. When this bridge of awareness is functioning properly I am confident that my tempo will be steady and that steadiness and balance will inform the movement and rhythm of my golf swing. When we begin to feel the importance of the space between the notes, that is when meditation and body wisdom happen together, simultaneously; and the flow of our golf swing mirrors the perfection that we feel inside.

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