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Analyzing the state of one's equipment

by James Fish on 09/07/15

A lot goes into growing attached to our golf clubs; time, energy, victories, defeats, blood, sweat and tears. But getting stuck in a comfort zone is not always as comforting as one might think, I have found this out the hard way recently. I knew I had been going against the grain of my own instincts for quite some time but I wasn't really paying attention to my inner voice. I never was happy visually with a center-shafted putter but I got stuck into using one because I liked the feel of the insert in the face of the putter. After three plus years I realized a change was in order. I went back to the old Rossie design of an offset putter with newer insert technology. The heel-shafted design was more of a true comfort zone but the mistake I made in placing the new putter in my bag was thinking that a new fatter grip would also be in order. After a few too many yips from putts inside of three feet I realized I had sacrificed feel for in vogue technology. I decided to go back to a smaller, more conventional sized putter grip and the change made all the difference in the world. Now I can feel the weight of the putter and it is much easier to release the putter head back through the impact zone with more precision and balance.
Trail and error will always be a part of the equipment-analysis process but we should always make sure to trust our instincts and not get sucked into something new just because its sexy but rather because it actually works to help lower our scores.

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